Grand Hotel Tritone Praiano | ABOUT US
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The story of the Grand Hotel Tritone in Praiano is, simultaneously, story of business and of family. Everything started in an autumn afternoon over sixty years ago. Strolling along the coast, the professor Giuseppe Gagliano noticed a parcel of land overlooking the sea. To others it might have appeared like a tangle of brambles and rocks. But instead he understood that in that precise location the hotel of his dreams could have risen. Since then, year after year, the Tritone has kept on renewing its great tradition of hospitality, opening its doors to guests coming from every part of the world.


There are many reasons which make Tritone a unique place. Chief among them the scenic position, absolutely superb. What is striking about the Tritone is first and foremost its magnificent scenic position. The hotel rises above a buttress of limestone overlooking the sea. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Within eyes’ reach is Capri, Positano and the arcipelago of Li Galli. All around, a nature of fluctuating colors, that shift in intensity and shade at each hour of the day and every season of the year. A beauty made even more intense by the scents that rise from the sea, mixing with the fragrances of flowers and citrus.