Grand Hotel Tritone Praiano | ON THE TABLE
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La Cala delle Lampare

At lunch and dinner, for our guests we have La Cala delle Lampare: a restaurant that preserves, updates and keeps alive the consolidated culinary tradition of the Hotel. The name comes from the big lamps used for night fishing. Almost every night, these lights offer a show of absolute intensity to the many guests that dine on the magnificent terrace overlooking the sea. In almost 60 years, the restaurant of the Tritone has welcomed a great number of guests without ever precluding growth and innovation. Today, it is ever less a “hotel cuisine”, with an à la carte menu and a selection of dishes that varies daily following the availability of raw material and caught fish.


It is the deep knowledge of the mediterranean tradition that lets Cala delle Lampare propose a cuisine both original and open to innovation. The foundation of everything is the particular attention to raw materials, that offer the needed emphasis on product seasonality. To characterize every detail of the gastronomical offer everything is prepared inside: even the bread and pastry. All the while, the attention to the needs of customers with food intolerances has led the restaurant, for a long time already, to become partner of the Italian Association of Celiac disease.

Recipes of Genny Gagliano

Genny Gagliano has been committed to the Tritone restaurant since he was only 20 years old. A task entrusted by his parents, Giuseppe and Anna Gagliano, that was initially accepted only for a sense of duty. Almost instantly, though, reluctance turned into passion, making Genny a person deeply in love with his work. Prompted by his family and numerous friends, a few years ago Genny put together many recipes that have been suggested to his customers. It’s not a matter of simple dishes, but rather of an authentic heritage of culinary knowledgethat represents one of the elements that make the Tritone a special place.

How can one complete an already perfect dinner at La Cala Delle Lampare? A great idea is to visit la Canticalana, the restaurant winery. A place with a unique charm, that represents an encounter with the culture of wine. Here, every bottle appears for what it really is: living matter, the result of many people’s labor, which must be seen, approached, and tasted with the respect it deserves. Here rest, waiting to be tasted, many of the most important wines from the Italian enological panorama. To allow the restaurant guests to always find a valid companion to the chosen meals, by the glass service is also provided for a number of bottles.